Volunteers required for   Upload Moharram Photograph by selecting Upload Photographs option from the right side of the page   Majlis-e-Aza at residence Jb. Roofi Sb. Kareli
Majlis-e-Aza from Imambara Late Deputy Zahid Hussain chak Alld 1st to 9th Moharram from 11:00 AM IST onwards
Majlis from Imambara Safdar Ali Baig Shahganj Alld From 1st to 9th Moharram Daily at 2 PM IST
Majlis from Imambara Late Wajid Ali Baig Shahganj Alld From 1st to 9th Moharram Daily at 3 PM IST
Majlis-e-Aza from Azakhana Alvi Sb. 15th to 25th Moharram at 9 PM IST
Angare Ka Matam from Dariyabad Allahabad 25 Moharram @ 10:00 PM IST
Chehlum Juloos from Ranimandi Alld 20 Safar at 1:00 PM IST
Bahattar Taboot from Dariyabad Alld. 23 Safar at 1:00 PM IST
Juloos-e-Amari from Dariyabad Alld organized by Mohammadia Committee 6th Rabiulawwal at 10:00 PM IST
Juloos-e-Amari from Dariyabad Alld organized by Anjuman-e-Mohafizeaza Alld 7th Rabiulawwal at 11:00 PM IST
Juloos-e-Chuptazia from Dariyabad Alld 8th Rabiulawwal at 2:00 PM IST
  Commemorating 1400 years of the Martyrdom of Maula Ali a.s. *Ali Sabke Liye* Dargah Hazrat Abbas a.s. Minjanib: Momineen Allahabad
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This website gives you detail about all the programmes consisting ashar-e-majalis,tarikhi majalis,juloos shab-e-dari and upcoming programmes with date,time,venue etc.


A person can download latest naohe of any anjuman year wise so that they can listen naohe of any anjuman.


The website also contains complete history of various old imambares which are present at our city with photographs so that person can know the importance of various azakhane.


NOTE: A person can send details of their programmes at so that their programme can be published on this website by clearly mentioning date, time venue etc of programme.